Make your investment easier, and get the best profits safely

halal investment system

Multiple investment system and the division of profits in accordance with the provisions of Sharia

Ease of investment

Deposit and withdraw digital currencies from anywhere, anytime

Diversity of projects

Various investment projects on the Internet and on the ground carefully studied and economically feasible

Withdraw profits easily

Withdraw profits at the beginning of each month with low fees

Separation of systems

Separating investment from marketing (marketing is not mandatory)

Variety of packages

Possibility to invest from 50 dollars and more and multiple investment packages

job opportunity

An encouraging marketing system with multiple ranks and rewarding profits per month (monthly salary)

Separation of systems

Separating investment from marketing (marketing is not mandatory)

A leading investment platform


Experts in the field of investment on the Internet over the years have qualified us to achieve successes in multiple projects and profitable profits. Experience in working on investment sites under the umbrella of Islamic law.

Common FAQ

How do I register and open an account on the site?

In order to register, you need a referral link and fill in the registration fields

How do I invest on the site?

After registration, you need to copy the deposit link and deposit the amount according to the chosen package, then click on Activate

How do I withdraw profits?

You copy and paste your deposit link in the place designated for withdrawal (minimum amount of 10 USDT and withdrawal commission for any amount of 2 USDT)

How do I activate the marketing portfolio?

You need to deposit 100 USDT and then press Activate



  • Step 1 Sign UP
  • Step 2 Chose your plan
  • Step 3 make payment
  • Step 4 active the plan

Opinions of success partners


Happy to deal with wifi as the first company with a halal and integrated Islamic system that guarantees profits and provides excellent services


Manal Al Saadi


great experience. I'll go back all those close to get an account and start working. thanks wifi


Ahmed Al Majed


Your system is easy and simple for me to understand and make profits continuously. A real opportunity for easy marketing, good luck and forward


Abdullah Ahmed

Shop owner - Jordan